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Is Paying For Tution Worth The Cost

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Hi All.
Like most here i have all of a sudden a desire to see if i can build a guitar , this started with my 12 string Takamine F400 which i bought in 1980, finding a slight dip between the bridge and sound hole and raised behind the bridge and wondering how i go about fixing it which led to searching the web on how one is constructed so i had half a chance of taking it apart , anyway now the bug bit so i spent the last few days ringing around and found a few school that teach guitar building , most are 2 to 3 week course which really does not seem to be a lot of time to learn something thats suppost to be so precise with measurements so what i am asking in general seeing these schools want anywhere from $3000 to $5000 to teach , is it a hard learning curb or most can get by without a course behind them . I'm am sure these schools have much to offer but the amounts to attend would take me awhile to save , when i would rather save the money for tools , then i found this site and find nobody mentioning that they had done any courses .
My view to this is to create my own guitars (acoustic only) for me and my sons and possibly down the track make a few here and there for friends and maybe do repairs and eventually build one from scratch and see where my creativity leads in its final look, time isnt an issue , always did want to work with wood because of the creativity that comes with it , never had the opertunity so now i'm trying to create it .
Thanks for your time.

Aug 17, 08 | 3:32 pm
Bill Cory

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Welcome to the forum -- glad you're here.

Almost everyone here responded to that surprising urge: That Sudden Desire to Build a Guitar. And every one of us who did is glad. Not all of us had woodworking experience, and we all started with a kit. We all ended up surprised at the quality of tone. Also, others, better than I am with their building and finishing skills, also endd up with guitars that are exceptional in appearance.

All that, just to say: Go for it!

A class in building guitars isn't really necessary, though some prefer to start with one.

Good luck, and enjoy it!


Aug 17, 08 | 6:06 pm
Ken Hundley

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I echo what Bill said. None of us had ever done it before our first ones....rather obvious but bears pointing out. I am not sure any of us, 'cept maybe the pros here, took a class, and we have made fantastic instruments, some of us multiples.

There are advantages to the classes. You will get time-tested methods and skills taught to you, or at least introduced to you, things that the rest of us bumble around and learn ourselves the hard way. Part of the expense of the class is that, well, you get a damned good guitar out of it, something you may pay over $1000 for at the store, but YOU DID IT, and you got some incredible lessons to go along with it. If you have the time and the funding to take a class, I would, simply for the learning. I am working on my 8th guitar, and would love the chance to take a class, learn some steps that still give me trouble, learn some tricks that would save time or make the process more enjoyable. Is it necessary? Absolutely not, but if you are inclined to take the class, then by all means, and let us know what you learned!

Aug 18, 08 | 8:12 pm

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