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Pictures from John Halls

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Here's some pics from Johns yesterday. As some of you know John and Brenda are very gracious hosts and yesterday was really cool.About 20 or so people were there and and not only did I score some nice wood(Nice price too) but i met some cool builders and saw ther nice guitars.THANKS JOHN!!

May 04, 08 | 7:12 am
Bill Cory

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That looks like a great time ... Would captions -- who's who, who made some of those masterpieces (like the carved amp and electric guitar!) would be a possibility ... ?

May 04, 08 | 7:36 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Rob Mock was the carver. He is in the 2nd photo down standing at the door with his hands in his pockets. His work was just outta site.
It was such a kick to see so many folks that have this addiction to build. The information shared will be cherished and used by many. Colin lieberman was my helper on the bending machine. He is only 12 and He did a great job.
Thanks again to all that came and wanted to come. Brenda and I had a great time and anyone that wants some cake or donuts , we will ship free but won't guaranty how fresh they will be. We kept the bagels
john & brenda

May 04, 08 | 9:13 am

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The carving is just exceptional! Great to see some pics!

May 04, 08 | 12:27 pm

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I just got home from attending John's get together and I must say it was a blast! It was great to see such a fantastic turnout and the seminars were extremely informative! I want to thank John and Brenda for their hospitality and all of the folks that participated. Count me in for next year!!


May 04, 08 | 4:11 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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I am glad to hear so many positive comments. To all thanks for coming. I cannot thank all that help in planning this enough. Jim Warwicks french polishing demo was very informative and Todd Stock did a great sharpening demo.
CUDO's to all
thanks again from us at Blues Creek Guitars
John & Brenda

May 05, 08 | 1:23 am

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Thanks for posting the pictures.

It was a fabulous day. A great mix of people and guitarbuilders at all skill levels. John also invited OLF (Official Luthiers Forum) members, which has a greater number of professional builders. It was worth the drive (for us only 3 hours) and one of the attendies drove up from Atlanta!

I felt I was probably the most novice there, and didn't regret one bit coming. John gave great demos, and as you can see, involved my 12 year son Colin, who is also excited about building guitars.

John helped me get my dovetail fitting properly first thing (my first build is 3/4 done), and the day flowed very well. It was a combination of scheduled demonstrations along with time to chat and share information.

I regret not taking pictures of John's Hall's guitar. It has the most seriously beautiful inlay I've ever seen for a playing guitar. He even inlaid on his inside side braces!

Someone mentioned that this forum has grown tremendously over the last year, with many first time builders. I would not have followed or understood very much at this open house had it been held in January, but not only has my working knowledge grown, the open house advanced me another few months in one day. When I look at the dumb questions I've posted early, I realize how much I've learned and why this is such a good forum for learning. There are lots of members who repeatedly share information as each new builder begins their journey.


May 05, 08 | 5:42 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Hi Len
I am so glad you had a good time. Colin was a treat . There were many great topics covered in a lot of side bars. I learn as much from these as I teach. Tood Stock , and Jim Warwick added to the depth of information.
There is never enough time at these get togethers but I am happy so many had a good time and shared info.
I am sure we will do this agian
john & brenda

May 06, 08 | 1:36 am
Ken Hundley

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Looks like it was a great time, wish I could have come. Deifinitely some beautiful instruments being shown.

Oct 16, 08 | 5:16 am

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Hi John,

any ideas of another get together? I would love to join this time.


Jul 09, 09 | 7:59 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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I will be doing one again. It most likely will be in 2010 , We had too many family issues this year and we lost my Mom and Father in Law. IT was so much fun and next time we will do a 2 day shindig. I willl be at jimmie halls get together in SC 9-26-09

Aug 13, 09 | 8:56 am

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