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A little guitar joins the family

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LMI parlor joins the the Kovacik 000 and Hall OM12

Apr 29, 08 | 12:51 pm

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Freeman! They're guitars, not lego blocks! Stop stacking them... hahah.
I'd love to see some more photos, mainly as I am a fan of your work but I just ordered the PL30 plan - wanting to get into making some smaller ones for the kids.
How does it play and sound?

May 01, 08 | 4:59 am

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Ted, I will be posting some clips on the HCAG Annex soon. It plays wonderfully - tiny little thing just sits in my lap, but the short scale is still giving me some fits (it is 24.4 - I mostly prefer long scale even on my 000).

I was very surprised by the sound - first, it is remarkably loud (but then I did scallop the heck out of it). As you would expect it is biased towards the mids and trebles, but the bass is balanced. It has a real 30's bluesy vib - in many ways it reminds me of a small bodied Gibbie from that era, or maybe something Leon Redbone (or Joan Baez) would play (actually it is patterned after Joan's 0-42). It is still very tight and nasally sounding (after all, it is brand new) but I think it will open up.

Seems happiest playing blues and American Primative type stuff, but when I did Greensleaves on it last night my wife said "that sounds really nice on that guitar".

If you haven't seen them, the whole build, including two setbacks, was cronicalled at HCAG - if you did a search for "Lets build a little guitar" you should get 16 hits, from start to finish. There will be one more episode to the saga - the day I give it to my daughter.

May 01, 08 | 6:31 am
Ken Hundley

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Very nice Freeman! If you feel the playing is too tight, try light strings if you haven't already. They tend to let a lot more color through in the beginning, but you do sacrifice a little folume and power. Great job on it, though.

May 01, 08 | 8:35 am

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Gotta add one more pick. Here is my little girl with her little guitar

May 21, 08 | 3:15 pm
Bill Cory

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Cool! I bet she loves it and it sounds great.

May 21, 08 | 5:12 pm

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