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StewMac Dread Kit delivery Time?

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I'm hoping to order a StewMac Dreadnought kit next week and was wondering from those that have ordered these how long does it take to get the kit?
Am trying to plan things out so I can let if acclimate before I take a short vacation and then start building when I get back. Which riases my second question, after accliamting to my building environment would you suggest storing the wood componants until I start building? Put them all back in the original box or just let them sit in the open air? Or does it matter that much if the humidity stay relatively stable (which may be hard in my instance)?

Apr 25, 08 | 10:57 am
Bill Cory

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Greg -- I've usually gotten the kit within a week or so.

Acclimating canbe done in the open air or sititng in a partially open box. The braces, if you want acclimate them, should be removed from their plastic bags.

When you say "relatively stable," it's not clear how much variance you mean ... 5%? 10%? 20%? And where does it start? At 25%? At 60%?

If the variation is below 10% on either side of, say 45% as a "norm," don't worry too much. But if it's 20% variation and the norm is 40%, you might have some cupped sides and plates when you get back.

If the variation is very large, would it be a workaround to order the kit from "the road," four days before you return, and have it arrive about when you do, so you could monitor the RH? Worth thinking about.

Apr 26, 08 | 4:56 am

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My Stewmac packages have always arrived in Australia around 7 days after I place the order. Stewmac seem to have a very efficent systems in place

Apr 26, 08 | 6:36 am

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