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Taylor - Factory Friday videos

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I'm sure many of you have seen these, but I just stumbled on them tonight and thought I'd share. Similar to the Martin factory tours, they show some of the factory processes in great detail. And much like Martin (and Collings and others) it's an interesting mix of super-high technology and engineering, and manual, intricate craftsmanship. (Click on the "Factory Fridays" link).

Fascinating (and enlightening) to watch some of their processes.

Apr 22, 08 | 1:26 am

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One of the things that surprised me was how liberal they are with the use of CA based glues for binding/purfling/rosette and other things.

Freeman (an others) may be interested to know that many of their small, detailed plastic bindings (i.e. headstocks, and F-holes) are injection molded. I say that's cheating....


Apr 22, 08 | 5:33 pm

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