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2008 GAL Convention - Tacoma WA - Jun 11-15

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Probably a good idea to start a thread to see who's planning on attending this. A meet-n-greet may be in order.

2008 Guild of American Luthiers Convention

Here is an excerpt from the website:
You are cordially invited to attend and exhibit at the Guild's 19th Convention/Exhibition, June 11-15, 2008 at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Washington. When we had our first GAL meeting in 1974, who would have thought it would become such an institution in the lutherie community - often copied, but never duplicated! If you are a luthier, or want to be one, this is the must-attend event!

The Guild Convention/Exhibition serves to bring luthiers of all specialties and skill levels from all over North America and the world together to meet and share information and inspiration in a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie; to give luthiers opportunity to show their work to and receive feedback from fellow luthiers; and to provide stimulating educational lectures and demonstrations on a wide range of topics of interest to the lutherie community.

I'm a definite maybe for the weekday stuff, and a definite yes for the weekend. I'll have to clear the work schedule before I can say for sure on the weekday stuff.

Mar 29, 08 | 8:12 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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That's just up the road a bit and I have relatives in the area for a place to sleep. And the 11th is even my birthday :-) So it sounds like I should make plans to be there.

We should definitely plan a Kit Guitar Forum meet-and-greet. It would be fun to put names to faces.

Mar 29, 08 | 8:39 pm

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Unfortunately, I will be unable to make it to this event afterall because of a pending back surgery.

May 01, 08 | 1:02 pm
Bill Cory

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Jim -- hope your surgery is successful and best wshes for a fast complete recovery.


May 01, 08 | 4:27 pm

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When I picked up my kit from from Tim of Australian Tonewoods he was telling me about this great luthier convention he is attending (armed with some of his stock) in June. Again, I am jealous that you have everything in the states. Anyway, if you attend and see a wide eyed Aussie wandering around, say G'day and tell him Ted sent ya!

May 11, 08 | 6:03 am

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