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Australian kit supplier - You be the judge.

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Check out the kits on Australian Luthier Supplies by Hancock Guitars -

For those of you that have never seen one before, the dreadnought and OOO kits look A LOT like unpackaged (brand name removed) Stewmac kits…. except there is no mention of the instructional DVD.

ALS list the OOO mahogany kits at AU$659.00, but this price does not include the Goods and Services Tax. Using ALS’s online checkout, to get the kit to my front door, using their cheapest post option, would cost me AU$756.44 – or on the current conversation rate, US$680.46

When I purchased my Stewmac mahogany OOO in July of 2006, the kit cost me US$365.00 and the postage and handling US$54.95.

Today, Stewmac sell the same kit for US$427.00 and I imagine the P&H has increased also… For the sake of the exercise, let’s kid ourselves that postage has doubled in the last 20 months to US$108.00. So, an OOO kit from Stewmac today will cost me somewhere around US$535.00, delivered to my door.

Meaning ALS wants US$145.00 extra for…..? Insurance, staff (to repackage)?

I am all for supporting the local guy having a go, but I just sense greed is the driving factor in this deal.

To be fair, I have emailed ALS, asking them if they are simply repackaged Stewmac kits. I shall post any reply I receive.

My personal advice for anyone considering an ALS kits. Buyer beware!

Mar 23, 08 | 6:33 pm
Bill Cory

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EVERYONE: Please note that this is NOT our advertiser: . is owned by Tracy Leveque and is absolutely reliable and above-board.

(The Big "R" isn't part of Tracy's company name; just shown that way to illustrate the different name.)

Thanks ...

Mar 24, 08 | 5:44 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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I often ship kits to AU and the usuall cost is about $65 -$70 to ship... The custom fees may add a bit .
john hall

Mar 24, 08 | 1:36 pm

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Good point Bill, they're very similar internet addresses. No doubt ALS are above-board also, I guess they just think they can make a buck filling the supply vs demand market. I'd just hate to see a forum member getting ripped.

John, Australia customs do not charge for hobby material under AU$1,000.00. Maybe a business incurs a charge, but not an individual buying direct from Stewmac

My point is Australian, New Zealand and Tasmanian (lol) customers can do a lot better going overseas

Below is the reply I received from ALS:

"Thanks for your enquiry. These are the same as the Stewmac kits, they come with the same DVD, instructions, plans etc.


Bruno Howard
Australian Luthiers Supplies "

Mar 25, 08 | 2:13 am

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Ted, I've seen this site as well and had the same response as you.

Mar 26, 08 | 12:56 am

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