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Bad vibes

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Well, looks like another snafu. I made the peg head to narrow and my 2nd string toches my 1st string tuning post and my 5th string touches my 6th string tuning post creating a very annoying buzz when I hit the 2nd string open. Anybody else been short-sighted enough to do that or am I alone in my shame? Any quick fixes?

Mar 20, 08 | 4:28 pm

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You're not alone there Terry. On my dreadnought I have exactly the same situation. Which leads me to ask, have you excluded every other possible cause of the buzzing sound?

I am just thinking that there is not that much vibration past the nut, maybe it's loose posts or something. I do not get the buzzing sound that you mention.

Mar 20, 08 | 6:42 pm

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I can't find any other source . . . it seems to be at the tuning post. . . I don't know . . .

I just tuned the guitar up 1/2 step. I hit the 2nd string open and the buzz didn't occur . . . huh!?!

Mar 20, 08 | 7:15 pm

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Does sound like a fundamental vibrating something loose inside the guitar. I have a decent guitar from an established company, and it has developed a similar buzz on the open g. move the g up or down and it goes away too. have you tried sticking a bit of cloth around where it touches to see if teh noise continues? just a thought.

Mar 20, 08 | 11:44 pm
John B

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I'm no expert here but sounds like you may be able to loosen your truss rod a bit and allow the neck to bend a bit more. That is essentially what you did when you tightened the strings 1/2 step.

Although a little corny, I learned a lot from this video on Fret Buzz. Maybe it might help..


Mar 21, 08 | 4:18 am
Bill Cory

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Terry -- another possibility, which I've had on my own and factory guitars,but easy to fix.

Does the buzz go away when you fret notes on that string? If so, the buzz is more likely in the nut slot than the contact with the other string post. If a nut slot is slanted or notched so that the string vibrates in the slot against the sides or the bottom, you get a buzz on open notes. Sometimes it sounds like a sitar.

Just another option --

Mar 21, 08 | 5:21 am

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I really appreciate all of these thoughts and ideas. Nothing like a good brainstorm. . .

Mar 21, 08 | 5:31 am
Luthier Suppliers

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I think you could use those little string retainers that are used on electric guitars to keep the strings pressed down. It may look stupid, but I'm sure it will work. They have some cool ones at HERE

Mar 22, 08 | 8:13 am

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Mystery solved!
Boy, do I feel stupid! The vibration I was hearing was a result of the position of my hand as it rested lightly on the strings over the soundhole but near the end of the fret board as I played the open b string during a particular finger-picking run. It's a little hard to make the explanation clear because it's unique to my own clumsy style, but I shifted my hand - bad vibe all gone.

The moral of the story...? Check your technique along with the other possibilities.

Thanks for all your fine comments and help.


Apr 01, 08 | 12:25 pm

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