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KTM-9 wear

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about 8 months ago I finished with the LMI KTM-9 finishing system with z-poxy and rubbed on KT.
I'm finding pretty significant wear any place my skin makes cosistant contact with the guitar, namely the top of the neck and the bass edge of the lower bout.
At the neck its interesting in that I seem to have raised areas where the pores in the mahogany are, like they're squeezing the finish out. The lower bout area is becoming somewhat rough in texture.
Do you think this is a body chemistry reaction specific to me, or a problem with application.
I filled 3 times with z-poxy and sanded flat each time, and rubbed on 15 coats but sanded back every 3 to about a single coat thickness.
I don't feel as though it has not adequately dried, mostly based upon the sustain, it certainly isn't dampened.
Has anyone else run across this issue?

Mar 19, 08 | 12:46 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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I didn't have any problems with the KTM-9 finish on my bass. I used System III epoxy as the pore filler/sealer and then sprayed the KTM-9 on. About 10 coats in all, then cured for three weeks before sanding with 1200 grit paper and rubbing out with LMI's polishing kit.

Mar 19, 08 | 10:41 pm
Bill Cory

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Not me, either, Frank. You could contact the KTM-9 manufacturer,, and see what they say. Let us know what you find out -- that's important info.


Mar 20, 08 | 5:27 am
Ken Hundley

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I haven't had any problems with it either. I found it softer than I would have thought for 6-9 months after the build, but it kept its integrity and clarity. And my first gets abused!

Did you finish yours as a satin or non-polished finish? If so, there isn't one out there that will hold up to healthy use and not show polishing. Is the finish actually thinning due to use in those areas?

It almost sounds like there was something in the pores of the wood that is being forced out as the wood dries and contracts, and it is pushing out the pore filler. What did you use to rub the raw wood down as you worked it?

Mar 20, 08 | 6:21 am

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I had this problem with on my first guitar, when my forearm rests on the side/soundboard edge. At the end of the day, I put my grief down to me rushing and not letting the product cure enough.

I think the longer you leave it the better the results. On my second guitar I got tied up with other things and left the guitar for weeks.

I've brushed on KTM-9 to both my guitars. The finish on the second one is a lot better... I expect that by 200, I will have it down.

Mar 20, 08 | 6:58 pm

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