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Hello All,

I just discovered these forums today, and can't tell you how excited (and relieved) I am to be here.

After recently spending many hours researching and shopping for my *last* guitar (yea right!), I discovered the world of guitar kits (first on the Martin 1833 shop site, then at blues creek and stew mac), and decided that I'm going to give this a go.

I've got some of the right skills for this (I'm very patient and have decent hobby/crafting skills). I am somewhat challenged for space and the ability to do large/rough cutting, so I thought a kit would more suit me than trying to start from scratch.

Anyway, as a result of my search to purchase a new guitar, I ended up with a new Martin HD-28, which I am truely in love with. I think I've decided that my first kit is going to be an attempt to build something very similar (I have it to use for reference). I've already decided that my second guitar will be somewhat of an adventure, in that I think I'm going to build a hybrid nylon string guitar with a narrower neck. I've never owned, or extensively played any fingerstyle guitars, so this will be all new for me.

Anyway, I've spent the last couple of hours pouring over these threads and I'm very excited about having found the wealth of information available in these forums.

Thanks to the administrators and moderators for managing this site and to the contributors for giving your time as well.

I't will be a while before I start my first build (I'm going to attend a seminar or short hands-on course first.. to get tips on shop setup and tools, etc.. first), and that won't happen until late spring. Until then I'll be lurking around and following your projects.


Mar 13, 08 | 5:14 pm

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Hi Jim and welcome . . .

If you are patient and are prone to taking the good advice of the people around here, don't be surprised if your kit dread sounds to you just as good as your beloved HD-28 . . . mine came out great!

Again Welcome . . . you'll probably become addicted to building guitars like most of the rest of the people who frequent this forum.


Mar 15, 08 | 6:37 pm

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Like you, I pondered over this for literally years - but now giving it a go and if you go slow and read lots, it isn't rocket far. And a band saw has proved very useful. Good luck!

Mar 16, 08 | 2:30 am
Ken Hundley

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Welcome Jim, and good luck!

I am curious, what do you mean by a hybrid nylon string? Nut spacing is a personal preference thing, but if you mean a cross between say your HD-28 and a nylon string, I would be careful and do some serious research. There is a fundamental difference in the structure of a nylon string guitar and a steel string. It won't hurt a steel string guitar to put nylons on it, you just won't hear much..way to overbraced. You can kill a nylon guitar by putting steel strings on make sure you do your research. Keep us posted on your progress, and we love pictures!

Mar 17, 08 | 5:52 am

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I probably used the wrong word.

A couple of years ago I was visiting my brother. He had a nylon string classical style guitar (a Breedlove I believe) that was very typical in all aspects except for the fact that is had a narrower (and presumably radiused) neck/fretboard). Hybrid is probably not the correct term. I really didn't get a close look at it, but it had a nice feel to it. I have never seen one like it in a store since, so I thought I might take the opportunity to build something along those lines.

Then again, I want a 12 string, a Parlour Guitar, and lots of other things too!.

Guess I better get busy!

Mar 18, 08 | 10:34 am
Ken Hundley

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I think, but may be wrong, that most classicals are built with a flat wider neck for two reasons....they have aways been done that way, but also, the strings are typically thicker, and take up more space on the nut. Making the classical nut and fingerboard more like a steel string won't hurt the guitar, you just may find it a little crowded at the home position.

You could always try to string up a steel string with classical strings. Don't listen to what it sounds like so much as really pay attention to what it feels like. if you can, play a classical right next to it, and compare how they feel, and see if a straight classical neck really i smore appropriate, or if there is a compromise that would fit you best.

Mar 20, 08 | 6:26 am

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Welcome aboard Jim!

Mar 20, 08 | 7:00 pm

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If you get stuck with those, send me an email. I might be interested in helping your recoup some of your losses. I *think* you can get my email by clicking on my name.

Mar 24, 08 | 5:09 pm

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Errm.. wrong thread, sorry...

please ignore me . :p

Mar 24, 08 | 5:10 pm

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