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These Rules Are For Information Only; Not Posted For Comments

Web Links are BROWN. ALL BOLD BROWN TYPE is a clickable web link.

To EMAIL a member, if the member has included his/her email in his/her profile, just click his/her posted name beside any entry. That takes you to the profile and the email link (but not the actual email address) will show as a standard blue underlined web link. Click it to use the forum's email system.

PHOTOS: All forums have a different method for these. See THIS POST for the "how-to." NOTE: Please REDUCE the size of photos to 5 inches wide @ 72 or 96 dpi so they won't mess up the forum threads for some members.

The Rule about The Rules:You don't have to agree with these rules, but to remain a member, you must follow them. Violation of any one of them may result in instant banning of the member's computer IP number, at the discretion of the forum owner. By joining, you agree to this policy.

1) Commercial posts and links: Not Allowed At All except for those posted by the Forum Owner to generate financial support for the forum. Any posts of a spam nature, or those made to lure buyers to affiliate sites, will be removed and the poster's IP will be banned. Members who are not paying advertisers may not post any links to websites or blogs where they are selling tools, guitars, information, etc. to the general public. No exceptions to any extent. (As it has been since the beginning, members who find someone else's product they like are free to post a reference to it; this has always been the case.) This policy does not include single posts by individuals in the Trading Post selling personal stuff; one post per item limit. No commercial posting allowed there, either.

2) Be Nice -- What does this mean? Any kind of personal attack (including anger, sarcasm, ridicule, name-calling, etc.) toward or against any person or his/her beliefs for any reason whatsever will be deleted as soon as it is noticed. This includes opinionated, overly critical posts about other forums and their members, websites, and even companies and products. Any post containing offending material will be deleted immediately without explanation. The offending member may be permanently deleted at the forum owner's discretion.

If there is disagreement, it is enough to say simply, "I disagree," and move on. Everything stated here is only a personal opinion, often (but not always) based on personal experience. Be careful whose advice you follow: Whether someone purports to be a "pro" or an "amateur," his advice can be valid ... or not valid.

NO POLITICAL DISCUSSIONS OF ANY KIND -- go to some other forum for that.

3) No Spam: Random "spam" posts by any commercial site -- or by an existing member -- will result in the immediate permanent banning of the poster's computer IP number and deletion of the member.

4) Trading Post: This is for single posts by individuals selling personal music-related stuff; one post per item limit. The Trading Post is unmoderated (except for enforcement of the No-Spam rule). Buyer Beware: The owner of this forum will accept no liability for problems encountered, bad deals, or even fraud. Negotiations should not be carried on in the forum, but by email, telephone and snail mail. If you post something for sale, a clear description, photos, price and method of contact are recommended.

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Bill Cory, Owner

Mar 09, 08 | 10:37 am

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