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F-5 Mandolin

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Just thought you folks would like to see some pictures of the Siminoff F-5 mandolin kit I am working on. I have been a cabinet maker for around 25 yrs. and have worked with wood a good part of my 62 years. I will tell you this project will try you . This is my first try at something like this, but I am enjoying it. Doing the peghead, fingerboard and cutting out for the binding has been the hardest part so far. I have a long ways to go. Hope these pictures come out. Thanks for looking. John Dudeck.

Jan 27, 08 | 8:44 am

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Wow John, that looks fantastic. I can see that the binding was a lot of work. That back is going to be spectacular under finish.

Great job!

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Jan 27, 08 | 12:06 pm

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Thanks David for your kind words. Yes I think the back will also look great after it is finished. John

Jan 27, 08 | 6:15 pm

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Looking very good, Gibsonman! How did you cut your binding channels? By hand? What tools did you use? I just ordered an F4 kit from International Violin (I know their kits are alot less "involved" than Siminoff). I understand the channel in the top is pre-routed so the back still needs to be cut. Any suggestions you can offer will be appreciated.

Mar 03, 08 | 2:08 pm

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Hi Jeff Stew Mac has Percision router base that fits in your dremel along with the bit. Also a Sloan purfling cutter helps some. Alot of hand work is needed. I have some knives, chisles and just about anything to get the job done. Just take you time and keep at it.

Mar 10, 08 | 11:31 am

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