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Bill Cory

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1. Only guitar building tools and accessories, music, guitars and peripheral equipment may be sold here. No cars, furniture, clothes, weapons of mass destruction, etc.
2. This forum is not moderated, but the forum administrator reserves the right to remove any listing or any response to any listing based solely on his judgment of its appropriateness and suitability to this venue.
3. The owner of this forum will be saved harmless by the responsible principal parties to any transaction from any liability or responsibility for any monetary or punitive damages, including but not limited to ... everything.
4. Buyer Beware, Seller Beware, and YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! The forum administrator will not become involved in any quarrel or argument. Except for the removal of listings/responses, the forum administrator will not moderate any disagreement to any degree. Please do not ask; the answer must be and will be "no."
5. Any listing with inappropriate products, name-calling, swearing, character assassination, any sexual content or angry or acrimonious tone will be removed.
6. Where money is involved, people will sometimes get angry: If this happens with your transaction, please carry out the disagreement and settlement by private email. Any posts that violate this rule will be removed as soon as the forum administrator notices them.
7. Commercial Ads: this forum is not for commercial ads of any type, but for sales of personal property by individuals. Any commercial ad will be removed as soon as the forum administrator notices it. Advertising rates for commercial sponsors may be found here. No exceptions.
8. These rules apply to all users whether the user has read the rule or not. Use of this Trading Post forum signifies the user's agreement to abide by these rules.
9. Other rules not stated here may be added or implemented without notice based on the sole discretion of the forum administrator.
10. This Trading Post may be discontinued at any point, depending on its value to the forum community and its hassle factor for the forum administrator.

Thanks for your cooperation.
Bill Cory

Comments are welcome but are subject to all the rules here stated.

Apr 26, 06 | 3:49 am

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This is great! I was actually going to suggest it, but you do so much for us I didn't feel right doing so.


Ed (ejko)

Apr 27, 06 | 4:05 pm
Bill Cory

Total Topics: 158
Total Posts: 3584
Thanks Ed -- I'll just take a cut from each sale. :-)

Apr 27, 06 | 5:50 pm
Ken Hundley

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Damn, I had a weedwacker I wanted to unload.

May 04, 06 | 11:55 am

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Bill, is it ok to post a thread under another topic like "Guitar Building Discussion" that you've placed a related item in the classifieds section? Just to let folks know there's something related available there?

Jan 15, 08 | 4:21 am
Bill Cory

Total Topics: 158
Total Posts: 3584
Mike -- no problem. It's a good idea because our Trading Post is pretty slow!

Jan 15, 08 | 6:49 am

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