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Hi Guys . . .

I have a friend, Rick Hanapi, who managed to put a doozy of a crack in the top of his Loudin six string. It was stair- stepped a bit when he got it to me. I squeezed it back flat. It's abut 3 inches long and very tight - no buzz associated with it. Should it be addressed with a repair procedure, or, since it does not as yet seem to be a structural or sound problem, just left alone?

Wow! His Loudin has a really thick top, 3/16 at least!

Any suggestions, thoughts?


Jan 19, 08 | 4:29 pm
Bill Cory

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Terry -- It should be repaired. Go over to Frank Ford's site ( and search for crack repair things. He's the guy who can help.

None of us here are experienced repair guys.


Jan 20, 08 | 4:19 am

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Thanks Bill, I'll do that . . .

Jan 20, 08 | 1:33 pm

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What Bill said...

Those are nice guitars and the repairs can be made, but choose a luthier with a good reputation in your area to get it done -- not DIY in my opinion.

Mar 29, 08 | 5:59 am

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Hi, I have repaired many cracks,top,back&sides. I bought 26 guitars at 1 time that all had shipping damage. Everything from broken headstocks to holes the size of your fist. Frank Ford is great,and he says the time to repair a crack is now! Before it becomes contaminated with dirt,dust,polish and hand oils. I agree and allways use hot hide glue. Clamp a dry run,and when you're satisfied go for it. With hide glue it is allways reversable with steam or heat. There are several ways to cleat the crack from the underside, the old timers used light canvas saturated with hide glue. Most reccomend a small series of cleats of the same material as the wood you are repairing. If you don't feel comfortable with a high end instrument I can understand that. Hope that helps. Keith

Jul 03, 09 | 5:26 pm

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