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Bridge building

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Greetings from Cottage Grove Oregon!

I need to build an oversized bridge to repair an "OH NO! DID I REALLY DO THAT?"

I'm thinking I want to build a pin-less bridge to repair the oops.. Maybe for number two also. I've seen some on steel string guitars . . .Loudin, from Ireland use that type on some of his . . . my old Ovation Balladeer has one . . . I like their looks.

Any thoughts?

Also, any thoughts on how to build a jig for cutting the saddle slot would be helpful . . .


Jan 14, 08 | 11:43 am
Dennis Weatherly

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I saw this over on the AG Luthier Forum and thought it was a very elegant way to build a pinless bridge. You could always use a single saddle piece rather than the split saddle show here:;f=12;t=003687

I have no idea what the black portion of the bridge is made from. I suspect it's either a vary dense wood (maybe ebony?) or some sort of composite.

Breedlove also does a pinless bridge on their acoustic guitars, but I couldn't find a picture of one on their web site.

Jan 14, 08 | 12:11 pm

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Hey, thanks Dennis . . . that bridge looks great!

I think I'll go for it . . .

Jan 14, 08 | 2:43 pm

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I have a drill press and I use a sliding vice --

with an end mill in the drill press. Once the angle is set with the vice, you can just mill it through.


Mar 29, 08 | 6:14 am
Ken Hundley

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Ooh, I like that vice, I will have to get one. Very nice.

Apr 04, 08 | 6:37 am

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Yeah that's a great vice, and a good system. I was a little short of funds at the time so I decided to cut the slot try it by drilling holes with my drill press and then using a very small chisle, then a very small router I made along the design of a Stanley No. 71

It worked out pretty well. It's 1/8" insted of 3/32" but it came out alright.


Apr 04, 08 | 12:18 pm

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