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Neck Questions

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When you purchase a serviced neck, from LMI or Stewmac, are those necks preshaped for use without modification or can a template be used to shape the neck further into another wanted neck shape.

Jan 12, 08 | 1:18 pm

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Stew-Mac's instructions state, "Although the neck has been machined to reasonably close tolerances, plenty of extra wood has been left to accommodate different neck sizes and shapes."

I'm not sure about the LMI necks, but I suspect they would be delivered in a similar state of semi-completion.

Geoge :-)

Jan 13, 08 | 7:57 am

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Yep, the LMI necks are about the same as the stewmac necks. They are rough shaped to the point you still have router marks in them.

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Jan 13, 08 | 8:03 am
Bill Cory

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Jess -- Yes, and yes. It depends on what you want the neck to be like. The Stewmac necks are 1 7/8" at the nut, and quite fat ... LMI are usually closer to 1 3/4 and shallower ... Martin kit necks are more close to the "finished" width to go along with their index fretboards. Of course, with any neck, you can play with the shape -- but you have to be careful not to rob the neck of its strength by getting too shallow and close to the truss rod slot.


Jan 13, 08 | 8:53 am
Ken Hundley

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Iw as tempted to give an LMI neck more of a V instead of a D shape, but it just felt way too thin to do that. I think, if you are to do that, it will all depend on how thin your fingerboard will be. Will you plane the back before fretting? How much will you sand off to get the right curvature before fretting? All that will have an effect. The Martin necks I have worked with had plenty of room....I have not tried stew mac yet.

Jan 13, 08 | 2:06 pm
Bill Cory

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The Stewmac necks, as they come from Stewmac, are the proverbial "baseball bat" necks. They are thick, wide and have LOTS of room for shaping. I know that, because on my very first kit (Stewmac 000), without the benefit of this forum (or any other like it that was willing to take kits seriously), I didn't even think of trimming it down to a different shape.

I like that feature of kits: You can trim the meck just about any way you want. On my later Stewmac Dreadnought, I made the neck like Wayne Henderson makes his, with a slightly offset V that moves from the centerline toward the bass (just a little bit) as you go toward the nut. It's a very comfy guitar to play!

Jan 13, 08 | 3:13 pm
Ken Hundley

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I like that idea too.

Jan 13, 08 | 3:53 pm

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I am profiling the LMI neck on the parlor I'm currently building to be about the same as my Taylor, which has reduced the depth quite a bit. As others have said it is about 1-7/8 at the nut and has to be narrowed, and you can contour the peg head and volute (or remove the volute).

Jan 14, 08 | 10:56 am

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