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Cream ABS-binding from LMI vs. Stewmac

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Until my last built, I was used to glue ABS-binding with acetone. 10 minutes soaking and it flows into the routed channel. Never had any scraping or loosening problems. Never was very luckiy with glue before. So it's ABS or wood for me now.

When I received ABS cream binding from LMI I dropped it in acetone and after 10 minutes: It fell totally apart into flakes with a rubbery feel. No sticky creamy mass at all.
I took my chance and ordered cream binding from Stewmac. Worked like a dream. No problemo there!

I wrote LMI about it and their comment was that they never advise to glue ABS with acetone, just the ivoroid one. Hmmm.

Bill probably likes to read this: Normally I consider LMI and Stewmac equal in quality. This time it was 1-0 for Stewmac.

Jan 10, 08 | 10:27 am

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Could it be one is ABS and the other is PVC?

Jan 10, 08 | 1:03 pm
Bill Cory

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Herman -- Hmmmm ... I guess I come across here as being a "Stewmac Fan." But, actually, I've spent more money with LMI than with Stewmac, if you leave out kits. Except for the kits for first-timers, I think that LMI's quality of woods and other building components is normally higher than Stewmac's. (Sounds like I feel the way you do -- the above experience notwithstanding.) If I'm looking for for a building material, especially bindings, I usually look at LMI first. If it's tools, I compare them and also look elsewhere, and buy the least expensive of the good tool I need.

Just making it clear I'm not a Stewmac "shill." :-)


Jan 11, 08 | 5:15 am

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Never had the idea you were plain pro-Stewmac. Just you stood up against prejustice as they are a reliable firm.

For the record: I compared hardware for my bassbuildingplan at Stewmac and LMI. Guess what: The first charged 294 dollar and the second 295.
So here is was a 1-1.

Jan 11, 08 | 8:57 am
Bill Cory

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Yes -- I've found that they tie on a lot of things too. They probably consult each others' websites constantly.

Jan 11, 08 | 12:28 pm

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