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Finding an OM Case

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Anyone know where I can find a OM case? Thanks

Jan 09, 08 | 5:40 pm
Ken Hundley

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I have a Gator case I got from a local store, but it fits well. Check out where you can order Gator cases from. It is actually a dread case, but the OM fits in there nicely. I little room at the bottom, but the lower bout and the heel of the neck hold everything in place perfectly.

Jan 09, 08 | 8:05 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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Musician's Friend has a line of cases with their name on them. Not too fancy, but decently made and plenty of protection for around the house. I have one of their dreadnaught cases but they also have a Classical case that may fit an OM. The dimensions are listed on their web site at

Jan 09, 08 | 10:05 pm
Bill Cory

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There is a new gun in town ... I get emails from these guys all the time, and I bought an acoustic bass and amp. A friend bought a great Martin 000 kit case from them for $39.95.

They're all they say they are.

Jan 10, 08 | 5:58 am

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I have several of the Musicians Friend classical cases that fit the OM fine. For the price, you can't beat their cases. They aren't Ameritage cases but they aren't a couple hundered bucks either. Here is a link to the case. I have 4 of the classical and two dreadnought cases and couldn't be happier with them for the cost. And if you watch, they do free shipping all the time on orders $49.99 and up. Add a pack of strings to the order and you get over the limit for free shipping.

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Jan 10, 08 | 6:05 am

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Jess, For my OM 000, I got a TKL premier grand concert that fits my guitar like a glove. Beautiful plush grey interior. Check the dimensions out and you will find that it fits perfectly. I paid about 100 bucks for it, but with how snugly and secure that it fits, it is worth it.

Jan 10, 08 | 6:49 pm

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