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Rabbiting Router Bits From Grizzly

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Will these

or these

work in the place of the ones from stewmac? I have no clue about this topic.


matt v.

Jan 09, 08 | 1:50 pm
Bill Cory

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Matt: Those will work. If you use them, be aware that they do not add the additional .012" to the cut to allow for glue thickness and material swelling. Stewmac's .060, for instance is actually .072.


Jan 09, 08 | 1:58 pm

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But, I can just use a scraper to scrape the proud binding flush correct?

Jan 09, 08 | 2:46 pm
Ken Hundley

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Yes, but your binding will end up thinner because of that. If you are careful, that will not be an issue. If your binding is not perfectly parallel to the sides all the way around the guitar, as can happen without some of the better router guides discussed here, the difference in these two sets of bits could mean scraping through the binding in some spots. As I very careful when scraping if using non stew-mac bits.

Jan 09, 08 | 7:52 pm
Bill Cory

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Matt -- Ditto what Ken said. One of the guys here is redoing his binding entirely because he didn't get his sides flat, cut his channels and glued in his binding, and then found that some of the binding was visually so thinned that he had to re-rout it. One of my little router kits is on its way to him (probably arriving today, 1/10/08), and he's going to use it to redo the cuts.

Matt, like I said before, if you buy the Stewmac bits and decide not to build again, I'll buy them from you. It wasn't just a gesture.

Jan 10, 08 | 5:50 am

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Actually those bearings are not very accurate for what you want to do. Look at the dimensions of the cuts in the description. Flush, 1/8", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", 7/16" and 1/2". None of those are even close to the dimension of a typical binding strip. The closest is the 1/8" and that is still deeper than the typical 1/10" wood strip or .060" plastic (I think that is the correct dimensions). Honestly, the best deal is to get the bit and two bearings for the sizes you need. Yeah it will cost around $55 but you will have the sizes you need and won't be wishing you had done the right thing after destroying your new baby with the wrong make-shift bits.

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Jan 10, 08 | 5:56 am
Dennis Weatherly

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Matt, I am the guy who is redoing his binding. Hopefully this weekend (the Cory router guide arrived last night). In my case the problem was caused by not sanding the sides flat BEFORE cutting the binding channels. It is hard to describe the feeling when you realize that the binding you just put on has to come back off, all because you didnt use the proper procedure and/or tools. This little mistake on my part has cost me a tremendous amount of time, because I missed my window to work on the guitar and then was pulled in other directions by life.

I've been trying to save as much on tools as I can throughout this project. I've come to realize that there are certain tools that really can make a difference in both the quality of the work I produce and my enthusiasm and enjoyment of the project. For me, radius dishes, a laminate trimmer and a GOOD binding routing system are on the top of that list of must-have tools.

Jan 10, 08 | 9:49 am

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I was really thinking about the gramil, but since money was the main issue and I just came across some, I think I will go with Bill's router guide. I will pick up a Laminate trimmer from HF today ( they are on sell for 19.99 hopefully not just online). As for the stewmac rabbit bits, I am only planning on binding no perf. so for now I will just get the one size. It will still be a little over $50 for just the bit but that's better than 90.

It is at least good finally decide! I think I will be satisfied.

Thanks for the guidance!

Jan 11, 08 | 3:37 am

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