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Curly Anigre

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Ok so I thought I would post something of semi-significance to other builders out there and whether you might be aware of this wood or not, you need to discover it.

It is:

An African hardwood, Aningeria is most commonly called anigre or anegre. Other names include: agnegre, aninguerie, aniegre, landosan, mukali, kali, osan, mutoke, mukangu, muna as well as Tasmanian walnut. The wood is creamy in color and has a natural luster and has a cedar-like scent. The heartwood is a yellow white, pale tan or pink brown and the wood darkens in color after exposure. It most often has a straight grain, but the grain can also appear to be wavy. Figured Anigre ranges from a fiddleback to a broader fiddleback or curly figure and also a block mottled look. There is also plain

Compared to the best mahogany.

Also it is fairly reasonable in comparison to other mahogany species and is a great tonewood. I found this through a friend and also found it at

Anyone looking for an idea on a new build or trying something new. Check it out.

Jan 02, 08 | 1:22 pm

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I just discovered Seems to be a source for lots of exotic woods, including this one.

Jan 02, 08 | 1:48 pm

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I would be careful trying to buy guitar woods from a wood vendor that isn't experienced in cutting and supplying wood to luthiers. There are a lot of good specialty wood vendors who specifically cut for builders and they know exactly what to look for and how to cut the wood for our specific needs.

I have purchased several times from Bob and and he is a great guitar wood vendor. (It doesn't hurt that he lives a little over an hour from me either!)

My Blog

Jan 02, 08 | 5:21 pm
Ken Hundley

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Ran across this nameout there as well, might want to keep our eye on it:

Jan 02, 08 | 9:38 pm
Bill Cory

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Plus One for Bob at rctonewoods. I got a cedar top from him that is much nicer than the cedar purchased from LMII. Cost was less, too.


Jan 03, 08 | 4:45 am

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