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Headplate....headplate veneer?

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Browsing the LMii Kit Wizard (yes, thinking about my next build). Listed is a headplate and headplate veneer. Wizard says do not order veneer in place of headplate.

OK, here's my uneducated question...what is the difference? I'm assuming there is one...apparently both are needed? Or at least the headplate is needed and the veneer is candy?

Jan 02, 08 | 9:47 am

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Hey Jeff, From what I understand, the headplate on the kit wizard is if you are going to be building your own neck and headplate instead of ordering one of their serviced necks. The veneer is if you are just orderered one of their serviced necks and want to add the "candy". You can use the veneer for either the serviced necks or the build your own necks.

Jan 02, 08 | 10:01 am

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The "veneer" is a very thin piece of wood. Almost paper-thin in fact.
The "headplate" is a thicker piece (1/8" or just under). basically you can order a veneer (or several of different color) to stack between the neck wood and the headplate piece to give a nice layered appearance from the side of the headstock.
Or you could just completely omit the veneer and just glue on the thicker piece.

With my LMI kit, I used an ebony (or ebonized maple) veneer then a flamed koa plate. This gives a nice black line separation when looking at the side of the headstock between the mahogany neck and the koa plate.


Jan 02, 08 | 10:04 am
Ken Hundley

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Ordering the headplates is also a good way to get extra wood for custom end grafts and inlays as well.......

Jan 02, 08 | 9:34 pm

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Thanks guys. I understand it now. Great suggestion, Ken.

Jan 03, 08 | 5:56 am
Ken Cierp

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If you are looking for a custom appearance ---several layers of standard thickness veneer can be glued in a sandwich --- contrasting colors. Result is a striped effect on the edge of the peghead In fact most Classical builders do this. The operative dimension is the overall thickness of the peghead after the veneers are installed most tuning machines will be OK with between 1/2 and 9/16.


Jan 03, 08 | 8:24 am

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Anybody doing the back side of the Headstock? I've seen a few done and I think it looks pretty durn nice. Plenty of people look at the back of a guitar...why not do the headstock? I understand it can be a pain to fit if you're doing a volute, but it can't be any tougher than fitting many other elements of the body?

Jan 03, 08 | 8:23 pm
Bill Cory

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I think Davidmor does the backs of his. Looks REAL nice, and i'm planning on doing it on some of mine.

Jan 04, 08 | 5:18 am
Ken Cierp

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Veneer on the back of a five piece neck is very impressive!


Jan 04, 08 | 5:30 am

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