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Removing binding and purfling
Dennis Weatherly

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My next project (and the reason I've made no progress on my guitar for quite a while) is to remove the binding and purfling, cut new channels and glue in new binding and purfling.

I got things a little out of sequence and did the binding before I sanded the sides truly flat. Once I got around to scraping/sanding the sides flat, the binding was quite thin in several places and completely missing in others :-( I also had some problems with the purfling channel having some minor gaps in places on the top.

So now my question: what is the best approach to removing the existing binding and purfling? The binding is plastic and the top purfling is wood herringbone. Should I just let the router cut it out as I cut new channels? I'm worried that the plastic binding might snag and cause more damage. Should I pull the old binding completely off before cutting the channels? It's plastic, and the glue I used (from LMII) does not seem to stick very well anyway. Do I need to worry about removing the purfling? It's wood, so I don't expect as much chance of a disasterous snag.

Dec 30, 07 | 7:10 pm

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You should be able to route it out without problem. If the plastic can be pulled away manually, then do that before routing. I haven't done this on a kit yet, but I have done it on a couple of e-Bay rebuilds.

Dec 31, 07 | 7:33 am

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I agree with jhowell. I would try and pull the plastic binding off if at all possible, and then route the rest off. Routing the plastic could be tricky as I believe it would melt as the router tried to cut it. That will make a big mess of your bit. If I had to route the plastic binding off, I would definately do a climb cut the entire way around. That will tend to push the plastic down and minimize the risk of it snagging and pulling. I would go ahead an replace the perfling as well as your binding channel is already too shallow. Once you get it cut to the proper depth, the perfling will too narrow in spots.

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Dec 31, 07 | 8:13 am
Ken Hundley

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Routing it out was my first thought as well. I would think the plastic would be far less prone to ripping and snagging than wood since the plastic has no grin structure, and has the same strength in every direction.

Dec 31, 07 | 2:34 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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That sounds unanimous to me! I'll pull all of the plastic binding that is loose (I was NOT happy with that particular glue - LMI's FGW) and route the rest. Thanks for the input, folks.

Dec 31, 07 | 5:47 pm

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