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Which Nut Files Would You Recommend

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Is there really a difference? Does one have any advantage over the other? Does one cut a better slot than the other?

Dec 30, 07 | 3:56 pm

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I guess theese will not cut a smooth enough slot to be used by themselves w/no files?

Dec 30, 07 | 4:03 pm

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I got these files from Allied Lutherie last month. The best $70 I have spent a very long time.

Dec 30, 07 | 5:34 pm

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In this topic I wrote about mine:

They work great for me. good luck

Dec 31, 07 | 3:59 am

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Sorry, the other address is supposed to be this

AND price is an issue (best quality for the price)

Dec 31, 07 | 9:06 am

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I use the Norman nut files sold on ebay in "builder,luthier kits" and they work great.....and the complete set is about $80.


Mar 16, 08 | 3:26 am
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Put me in the stew mac club

May 10, 08 | 1:28 am

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If you are going to do more than one or two guitars, then stew mac files are a good way to go. One set will last most of us a lifetime and the having the right tool makes this job much easier.

May 10, 08 | 5:16 am

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Well guys, I've made over 50 guitars and most of them with one set of the Norman nut files. The stewmac files are nice too. I know professional, full time luthiers that don't even own a set of nut files! They use needle files! Go with whatever works for you.


May 10, 08 | 5:25 am
Ken Hundley

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I got the stew mac nut files, but before they put the fancy new handles on them. I love em, even for 1 or 2 guitars a year, they make all the difference to me, and that is what counts.

May 10, 08 | 9:29 pm
Fred Tellier

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Scroll down to the nut files on this site, I have a set and they work well.

May 13, 08 | 12:37 pm

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I bought those as well. I am not sure what gauge of string you are using, but I am going to be using light gauge string and think that I may need to order a file or 2. I am not sure but research tells me that a 0.016 file is too wide for an E 0.012 string. Also, I am told that the 0.028" file would be too wide for the G 0.024 string as well.

Any thoughts? I have never shaped/filed a nut so I have no experience in this field....yet.

May 15, 08 | 8:29 am
Fred Tellier

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I thought about adding a couple of file sizes when I got them but did my new Jumbo and another nut, and had no issues, the narrow slots I expanded with a welding tip cleaner, they have lots of sizes. These files sure cut quick one needs to be carefull. I cut to aprox. depth with my zona saw and final shaped and fine tuned the slot depth with the files and tip cleaners. You could also widen the slots with a guitar string.

May 16, 08 | 2:01 pm

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I have that set from Warmoth and they work well, but are not standard sizes. Seems like a set with 8 files should handle all 6 strings for a light set.

May 16, 08 | 3:29 pm

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