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Rosewood Fingerboard

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Hi people,
6 weeks later, I'm finishing my 000 Stewmac.
I fretted the original ebony fingerboard and another, a rosewood one, from Stewmac too. When it all will be ready, I'll chose which one matches the best to my guitar.
My question is, has the rosewood fb to be prepared in some way? the radiused surface seems too much rough for the strings, while the ebony fb was almost perfect.
Rosewood fb goes very well with the rosewood peghead overlay veneer they sent me with the kit... but now I'm thinking it would be easier to buy an ebony veneer!
Anyway, after violins and Viola da gamba, restart as luthier with a guitar was good. To build my first kit guitar has been very interesting.

Nov 23, 07 | 1:18 pm

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I sand my fingerboards with micromesh. By the time I am through all of the grits, the rosewood is as smooth as the ebony ones but rosewood does have pores where ebony doesn't. I wipe them down with a very thin coat of fretboard oil one time and that it it. I figure the oils from my fingers should take care of the wood from now on.

Nov 24, 07 | 4:58 am

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Thanks, David. I have a set of Micro-Mesh Soft Touch Finishing Pads so tomorrow I'll try with them. Stewmac send me a piece of a rosewood fingerboard with the 000 kit, so I'll try on it first.

Nov 24, 07 | 8:50 am

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