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Laminate Router

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Is this what I need for binding:

Is this the same thing:

Nov 14, 07 | 1:56 pm
Ken Cierp

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It is not the same thing, The HF is all ball bearing and they seem to have some level of inspection. I have tested the Tool Shop brand from Menard's. The first few were pretty good --- the next batch were actually falling a part. I have yet to have a failure with the the orange HF. You can catch the HF for $20 if you check often. Two cents


Nov 14, 07 | 2:19 pm
Bill Cory

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Matt -- To add to what Ken said: The HF laminate trimmer is the one I use with my router Guide, too. I've heard of them breaking, but I've used several of them, and haven't had a problem either.


Nov 14, 07 | 2:40 pm

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Awww crud. I was just up at HF earlier today and totally forgot to pick one of these up. Oh well, maybe next time....

Nov 14, 07 | 3:27 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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HF laminate trimmers are very iffy . I have seen them fly apart. I had one that threw the bit and ruined a $2000 GUITAR. Remember you get what you pay for. I think we all gripe when something doesn't work and will be content when it does what we expect.
The runout on the shaft of a HF is often .015 or more. The vibration and low end quality makes this a Russian roulette. I know someone will say that thier HF works great. Just think about what you are using this for. If you are chancing a $1000 set of Brazilian rosewood of a $40 set of Mahogany.
Get the best you can afford. You will be better off with a Porter cable or a ryobi that a HF.
john hall
blues creek guitars.

Nov 14, 07 | 3:30 pm
Ken Hundley

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I have 2 HFs, one, the power cable has frayed, and the other is shorting out. Fortunately, the second is new enough that I think I can return it. I bought the second because I cracked the base on the first, but that was my fault. I think I agree with John, though. If you are willing to pay 60-80 bucks for a good set of nut files, then do the same for the laminate trimmer. Thats my next buy if the HF kicks it.

Nov 16, 07 | 11:51 am

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I picked up a refurbished Bosch Colt for less than $80. Its a very solid small router/lam trimmer that will out live me. I can't bring myself to buy anything from HF that has an electic motor on it.

Nov 16, 07 | 3:44 pm

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I agree with buying quality tools. I use tools every day to make a living and I always buy the best I can because if my tools stop working, I stop earning. I was thinking about the HF trimmer to use as a dedicated binding trimmer. I already have a good bosch router but no trimmer. Since it wouldn't get used very much I was thinking that I could get away with a cheap HF one. Maybe I will just wait and spend the money on a good one.

Nov 16, 07 | 5:03 pm

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I am not an expert, but this one looks good to me for <$80.

Nov 16, 07 | 6:01 pm
Ken Cierp

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The Colt and Dewalt are both good choices if you have the bucks -- a micro (Dewawlt and Colt) or rack and pinion (Harbor Freight) adjustment adds accuracy and speeds set up a for binding work. Buy what you can afford. I don't get caught up in "tool envy" having 6 HF units pre-set for different cuts is far more accurate and time/cost efficient than continually resetting one or two Porter cables. Keep in mind each guitar only has 68" of binding channels so even the cheaper ones can do lot of guitars before they start to wear out.


Nov 17, 07 | 5:08 am

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The old quality vs price tool debate.

I am a motor mechanic by trade. I'm mostly into bikes but did my apprenticship on F250 ambulances. I bought a 3/8" no name socket set in my 1st year. The rachet died in no time as expected. I still have the rest of the set including the universal joint. Sure I have a full set of stahwille spanners and lots of other top quality stuff, but sometimes cheap stuff used carefully will be fine.

Maybe with regards the router you should just be aware it may fail, inspect regularly and if it starts to vibrate or make bad noises stop immediately and see what's going on. Or maybe a second hand quality unit from ebay or whatever will be a better buy. Mine is a cheapie, but it's REALLY good (so far), not like 99% of the cheap tools I see. I got lucky.

Nov 18, 07 | 8:09 pm

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