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How About A Get-Together?
Bill Cory

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In that other thread, mentioning the Wayne C. Henderson Music Festival and Guitar Competition, it was briefly mentioned that we should have a "Get Together".

It would need to be somewhere most convenient for the most who plan to attend, so the first question is:

If we could put together a Get Together someplace within a decent traveling distance, how many would be interested in attending? (I'm thinking of a weekend somewhere in the summertime; and we'd need to bring our best guitars that we built... kit or scratch.)

Naturally, I'd like to hold it in Colorado Springs, but, I'll travel wherever is best for the group!

Okay -- who's interested?

Tear up the idea and throw it away, or jump in with both feet ... just post something about it ....


Nov 09, 07 | 3:47 pm

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You know what would be really cool would be to meet up in El Cajon or Nazareth, take the tour - but the truth is, I personally would have some limitation in traveling...

Well, I have a sister right near El Cajon, that might be workable into a family trip...

That said, northern CA is a great place to visit!! San Francisco, Napa Valley - well (and you could drop into Windsor and buy some wood from LMI, I suppose). Or there's Lake Tahoe on the east side, which is a fun place to go.

Well, I know there are at least two of us in the area :)

Nov 09, 07 | 4:01 pm

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I'd love to get together with the folks here.I'm not big on flying but if,when,maybe,perhaps.The last time I was up in a jetliner was in 85 and that was to Arvada to see my sister.I went to Colorado springs,Denver,Pikes Peak and yes I liked Colorado very much.

Nov 09, 07 | 5:43 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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I am in Pennsylvania. I can do an open house here much like Sylvan Wells did last year. If there is some interest let me know and we can set it up. Maybe have a few seminars ETC .
john hall
blues creek guitars

Nov 09, 07 | 6:26 pm

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Being in western NY, I am all for a get together at Johns place in PA. Maybe do the Martin tour too. I might be able to do CO too as I have family in Denver.

Nov 09, 07 | 7:53 pm
Bill Cory

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I can see right at the get go that this isn't going to be easy. We're pretty spread out. We knew that. Then, there's going to be the question of timing. Maybe we should ask ...

Is anyone here experienced with organizing conventions ... and can we pick your brain?

Nov 10, 07 | 5:26 am

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I'd certainly be interested in meeting you folks. I live in SE Michigan, about 50 miles west of Detroit.

Nov 10, 07 | 6:45 am

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I'm in Seattle, which is a long way from everywhere. I'm not sure I could swing it, but I'd be very interested in attending a Kit Forum gathering.

Nov 10, 07 | 8:54 am

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I up for it! I live in Atlanta and John's invitation works for me, however I would be willing to travel anywhere.

Nov 10, 07 | 2:08 pm
blues creek guitars Authorized Martin Repair Ctr

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Geography may be an issue for some. Those that are near PA get in touch and we can see what we can do. Spring may be a good time to have a get together

Nov 11, 07 | 3:50 am

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I would be very interested in traveling to Pa for a meet and I would like to include the Martin tour if time allows.

Nov 11, 07 | 9:20 am
Bill Cory

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Could be that we shouldn't try to get together as one big group. It's a big country, and we have members from all over the place.

I am going to start a new forum named GET TOGETHERS. In that forum, anyone can announce and arrange a gathering anyplace they want, for a few or for a lot of guys.


Nov 11, 07 | 9:54 am

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I'm on the western slope of Colorado, I think a get together would be great. If it worked with job scheduling I'd love to attend. Id also love to sit with John and shoot the breeze I've enjoyed my phone conversations with John and his help with building the kit I bought from him..

Nov 11, 07 | 11:30 am
Ken Hundley

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I'm in Chicago, and don't get to travel much with 3 kids under 5. Jhowell is the only one near me so far.....we have a cabin in Frankfurt, Michigan on Crysal Lake. At some point, if this becomes annual, I would love to make one of the gatherings.

Nov 14, 07 | 6:32 am

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I would be up for a spring meet at John's place. It is a 6-8 hour drive for me but a weekend trip is doable.

Ottawa, Canada

Nov 14, 07 | 8:44 am

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It would be a nice motive to visit the States. So if there will be a meeting with a substantial number of you guys, I seriously consider to come over. It's only a 8 hour flight. So... tempt me.
Herman, the Netherlands

Nov 14, 07 | 12:17 pm

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Well - I everyone has to have a pipe dream on the go. It would take me something like 20 hours of flying to get to the states - I have to fly for five hours to get to the nearest airport to catch a plane to the USA.

I am just in the process of getting a passport for my first trip over seas (Langkawi in February) so maybe I could find a reason, some time and the money for a trip to the States - one day soon.

Nov 22, 07 | 10:46 am

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Holy Toledo, Ted is alive! I was beginning to wonder if you were going to wake from that hybernation of yours. Any plans on a new build?

Nov 22, 07 | 3:05 pm

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Ted - I would be up for a gathering in Australia! I have had the opportunity to spend time in Sydney and Melbourne, made some good friends and had some great times. I think everyone should experience your wonderful country. I happen to be building an OM for a buddy in Melbourne as we speak and getting to a gathering would be a great reason to hand deliver it! I have never been to Perth (I think that is where you are located?) and would very much like to see the western edge.


Nov 27, 07 | 7:32 pm

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I work in public relations with West Virginia University and also do some free lance work in setting up media events of sorts with local news stations. Would be happy to work on something non-profit to add to my repetoire. As much as I know you guys have and will help me in the future, it would be the least I could do. Not to mention West Virginia would be a prestine visit for anyone who hasn't been here. But I could arrange it anywhere.

Jan 02, 08 | 8:11 am
Dennis Weatherly

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Folks, I'd like to echo Bill's suggestion of smaller gatherings scattered around the country/globe. I participate on a Christian Bass player's email list that has a large annual get together in the US. There are lots of folks from overseas or the corners of the US and Canada that cannot make it to the big get together. Several folks (myself included) have started up smaller, local gatherings with great success. It doesn't have to be a fancy affair. My bass gatherings are held at my local church free of charge (they have plenty of room). Some of the better players often volunteer to teach small clinics on technique, etc. Sometimes I bring in lunch from a caterer, sometimes I just supply sandwich fixings and folks "roll their own". But we ALWAYS have a good time. It does take a little work, but the fellowship with others of liek interest more than makes up for it.

Jan 02, 08 | 11:21 am
Ken Hundley

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Nice Dennis, not to mention it is a great way to meet people who may be interested in a regular play date, so to speak. I know it is something I greatly miss, the regular weekly playing at the Chicago Old Town School of FOlk Music, because you realize that not only do you want to learn your songs, but someone inevitable brings a song they like you totally forgot about. I really miss all that, and your gatherings sound like a great way to spark even smaller regular group sessions.

Jan 04, 08 | 8:11 pm

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