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Advanced Voicing by John Mayes

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I just wanted to give a big plug for this video. I bought one on the OLF swap meet last week and got to watch it yesterday. It is really great to watch a pro carve and shape top bracing to get the desired tap tones out of the top. Being a 'lone builder' like I am, I get to read about tap tones and qualities of a good soundboard, but it is hard to comprehend what this means without actually seeing and hearing someone do it. This video does a great job of letting you hear the differences in the top sounds as the braces are worked with. At a lesser extent, he does a good job of giving the viewer a 'feel' of what a stiff top looks like. Since I don't have any local luthiers to mentor me, things like this are a huge help. I highly recommend either purchasing the DVD, or it can be rented at Smartflix which is a sponsor of this site.

On a plus side, it was very encouraging to hear his finished tops sound an awful lot like the tops I have been making. I guess I am actually doing something right, even with knowledge obtained only by the internet and books. Now if I could just find a video that can teach me how to not sand through my finishes into the stain! :)

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