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Books about Inlay

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Well I have seen alot of guitars with beautiful inlay. Some of them have been on this site. Its about 4:00am here and i have night insomia big time. Just put the purling in the top of my guitar it went in pretty smooth i am happy to report. One of my favorite parts so far. that was about 12:00am i did that. So for the last 4 hours its been lying down for 20 min getting back up and looking at Inlays on guitars.

I wanted to do. No wait. I am going to do a simple inlay on my first guitar. Nothing to elaborate just a small thistle. The scots thistle to be precise. And was wondering before i go on a book binge of Inlay knowledge if anyone had any recomendations of books or sites that would help me reach my goal.

I think i can go to sleep now so i am sigining off i have work in a wee bit eh.

Sep 14, 07 | 11:58 pm
Ken Hundley

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I have Zachary Taylor's Marquetry & Inlay Handbook. It deals with more than just guitars, but the techniques can be used anywhere. Good book, and its available through either LMI or Stew Mac.

Sep 15, 07 | 7:51 am

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This site is a good one to set started with:

I also have the Pearl Inlay Book by James Patterson which is useful. John Hall has posted some tips and tricks here too that are very useful.

Sep 15, 07 | 5:59 pm

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