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Flamenco kit finish recomendations

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Hi all,

I've trolled through the search on the forum, and many many web pages. I've tried hard not to repeat FAQ's, but I really can't get this straight, so I'm asking the question. Please be patient..

I'm in Australia, left handed and play classical. I want to get a guitar, probably a flamenco negra. The related kit guitar site got me interested in building and pointed me at LMI. The kit looks really good and I've spec'd it all up, after a LOT of reading. I'm a metal worker by trade and do very fine work in that but wood is totally alien to me, and the finishing question has me stumped.

Here is the issue. I don't care how it looks. I want the back of the neck smooth enough to play on and I want the wood moisture contained as I live in a climate like Miami, very humid and hot in summer. I'm planning to seal the inside of the soundbox. I've got an electric with tung oil and don't like it. It stains after a while. I also think french polish is a bit weak. I don't care about gloss finish, nor about a "grainy" finish on the body. Obviously I want to keep it light. Sound is tremendously important to me, decoration matters not at all.

So I'm looking at the water based finishes from LMI and Stewmac. I was thinking of getting the stewmac pore filler and top coat and brushing it. My questions are:

1. Is the pint of each enough for 1 guitar. (I really don't want to think beyond the first project yet)

2. Do I need to buy the intermediate product ?

3. Will the intermediate colour pore filler go ok on both rosewood back/sides and the cedar neck ?

4. Am I missing something/got no clue ?

Any thoughts appreciated. Thank you for reading.

Sep 09, 07 | 6:36 pm
Bill Cory

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Hi Damian-- Welcome to the forum! -- there are several more Aussies on the forum, so you're in good company on the humidity issue.

I'm afraid the questions you've asked are difficult to answer. A pint might be enough, but it depends on several factors. The intermediate product ... do you mean sealer? If so, the answer is yes, and if you're finishing the inside,a pint might not be enough. The third question very much depends on your own opinion and decision. The fourth question, missing something: Probably -- we've all been there. Got no clue -- nah.

I'd recommend buying a book like Dan Erlewine's "Guitar Finishing Step by Step 2nd Edition" (, or a DVD like Robbie O'Brien's "Guitar Finishing" at . They'll give you more depth about this difficult subject.


Sep 10, 07 | 3:59 am
Ken Hundley

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A quart of the KTM-9 finish is enough for 4 or 5 guitars to be thickly coated....a pint should be just fine.

My suggestion is this: Finish the guitar as best as is possible. If you really like how it plays, then at some point, you WILL care how it looks. better to have it look thebest in the beginning and then grow some character as it gets used and dinged, tather than not really be concerned with how it looks, and have it be an ugly betty a few years from now. you built it, be proud of it in all aspects.

Sep 10, 07 | 7:05 am

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I guess when I said I'm not fussed about looks what I meant was I'm not into ornate instruments, and it's pretty common to have a non gloss finish on classical guitars. It's traditional to have a minimal finish. I've deleted the backstrip and purlfing on the kit.

The intermediate product I referred to is called a sanding sealer.

What is the implication of using the clear or medium colour pore filler on rosewood and cedar ? Can I use the clear or will that look strange ? I've tried to find pics but my brain has saged under the information overload :)

Thank you for the replies.

Sep 10, 07 | 2:25 pm

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