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LuthierCast Video Podcast

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I began a video podcast some time ago to allow my friend to watch his guitar being built. I thought some of those on this board might be interested in watching. After a few months of a break I am finishing up the series. The videos are not really a how-to but more of a watch a kit guitar be built. Meant to inspire. I know I have inspired a few guitars and even a couple who finished theirs before I could even finish the one that did the inspiring. I don't get paid for this I just do it for the love of building and it allows me to use some of my creative juices in the media arena which was my background.

Just go to iTunes if you have it and search in the store for Luthiercast.

I also mirror the episodes at YouTube. The search is the same.

I hope you enjoy. Please email me with comments, questions, and suggestions.

Aug 23, 07 | 7:10 pm
Bill Cory

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Welcome to the Forum, Will -- We've already found your podcasts and YouTube videos; nice work!

Enjoy --


Aug 24, 07 | 5:09 am

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Thank you, Will, for the great videos of your work. The more I see the steps, the more I realize I can do this. I know JP will be thrilled with his guitar.


Oct 31, 07 | 6:11 pm

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Anyone see this kid who scratch built a guitar for school? Video
Thats the link to the first one. I think he did the work over about a months time if I remember correctly. Its not all inclusive of the steps and if you watch all 7 you will see where he made some mistakes. One worth noting is gluing the top and back pieces together. He did not know the wax paper trick to keep from gluing them to his clamping system the first time. He learned his lesson it looked like :) He used very basic tools and took a lot of heat on safety in the comments. All told I think he did very well.

Nov 26, 07 | 2:30 am

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Yeah, this guy is 16 I think and I didn't notice the problem gluing the top and back. But the final product looked nice for a first build.

Nov 26, 07 | 5:01 am

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Will, Gotta tell you that you're the reason I bought a kit. I was thinking about it and running around the internet looking at different sites but all I found was people with thousands of dollars worth of power tools and nice shops and was about to give up because I could never imagine building a beautiful instrument without all that woodworking tools at my disposal. Then someone told me about your videos.

Watched them once and decided I could do it with what I have and only a minimum investment, so I ordered a kit from LMI by the end of the week. (I e-mailed you and John Hall for kits but never got a reply) Thank you for the you tube thing. You helped me discover something I really love doing.


Jan 16, 08 | 2:02 pm

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