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Who is who?

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A year ago I jumped from the acoustic guitar magazine forum to this one. No regrets at all. I check in here on a regular basis and I recognize many of you nice people by your style of writing/humor/questions. But in fact I have no clue about your appearance. On other forums you can add a picture in the guideline. (Bill: an idea for here?). Maybe some prefer a more discrete performance, but I usually like to know to whom I'm "talking" to.

Maybe some of you like to personalize this forum, but don't consider this mandatory. I'll start. No picture for a Babes/Studs-site, but this is me at the kitchentable flattening laquer finish:

Jul 30, 07 | 2:01 am
Bill Cory

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Great idea, Herman ... but it isn't possible with this old forum program. I wish it was.


Jul 30, 07 | 4:44 am

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Sure, here you go!

Jul 30, 07 | 12:27 pm
john coste

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here's me...




A bit more recently:

I REALLY miss that hair...

Aug 01, 07 | 11:40 am

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I have a pic of me in another section called "Found a new Hobbie" bunch of me and some others on frame building im in the middle with red hair. Maybe someday i will get a more recent picture

Aug 12, 07 | 2:25 pm

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I'll join in this one - nice to put a face to the names


Aug 18, 07 | 10:34 pm

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Here's a recent group shot. I'm the old guy on the left!

Sep 22, 07 | 8:46 pm
Bill Cory

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Hmmm. That's a cool one. Is that a planned event? (I notice the date hasn't come quite yet.)

Well drawn cartoon portrait -- are you the artist?


Sep 23, 07 | 4:35 am

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Hi Bill,
Yes, it is an upcoming event that happens each year (3rd yr) down at Bolsa Chica for the fans of Harbour surboards. This year they asked me to do their t-shirts and I was honored to do so.

Sep 23, 07 | 9:10 am

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