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My first electric: Les Paul

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Despite me being an acoustic guy I wanted to build me an electric. Once I had a Gibson and I always regretted I sold it. So I bought me some quilted maple over the net, some sipo mahogany for the back (cost-issue) and some honduran mahogany for the neck, Gotoh hardware and Seymour Duncan SH1 '59 pickups. The back was built-up from blocks so for the looks I had to
use covering paint.
Mixing the transparant blue was difficult as it wouldn't dissolve in laquer. So I dissolved it in alcohol. Sprayed that on the clear sealer and covered it with clear laquer.

The fingerboard is a LMI-cocobolo one and is a pleasure for the eye.
The sound is just as I wanted it: warm, balanced and lots of sustain. Since I am a terrible electric player, I won't drop an embarrasing soundsample. But you have to believe that our national hymne sounds incredible with the amp on 10. (My neighbour came within 2 minutes to see what produced this amazing noise)

For those who want to try something like this: beware of some serious effort on carving and sanding on a hardmaple top.

Jun 15, 07 | 9:27 am

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That is so strikingly beautiful!

Jun 15, 07 | 10:04 am

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Sensational - I am thinking that I might try a Les Paul design soon. What's next for you Herman (or are you going to mow the lawn and pull the weeds in the pavement - lol - kidding)

Jun 16, 07 | 3:22 am
Bill Cory

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Herman -- That looks great, Man! Now, don't paint it pink! That blue is too cool.


Jun 16, 07 | 5:29 am

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Thank you guys,

My next is a Les Paul for my friend Noud. But after that I defenitely turn back to acoustics. The plans for a Baritone are completed and in my head. Our nice John Hall sent me already the traces of a Jumbo on paper for a few bucks. (Thanks John).

BTW: I followed the '59 plan of Stewmac and that prescribes a mahogany body that is almost 2 inches thick. That was much of a log. So I planed 1/2 an inch off. Furthermore a made a bodycontour on the topside of the back, so I can hang comfortable in the couch with it.
Now you know why the grass is high and the weed blooms. You know, we Dutch love weed, and good tune on "10".

Jun 16, 07 | 6:39 am

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Ted, if you consider a Les Paul, give Ebay a try for the figured maple.
I made deals with two sellers: burl.quilt (USA) and Frazer Valley fine woods (Canada). They sent me good pieces of 1" bookmatched maple. These set cost me ±40 dollars/set. Have to admit that the shipping was even more expensive. But if you look at the prizelists of the bigger suppliers, you'll be scared. Their tops go from 100 dollars up to 250. I could not answer that to my wife. So I looked on Ebay and was lucky. Still a lot of money for 2 pieces of wood though.

For those who want to know: This complete Les Paul cost me ±600 dollar. The pickups being to biggest spending.

Jun 16, 07 | 10:55 pm

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