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Taking the Plunge

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Hi all,

Just wanted to introduce myself since you'll be seeing my posts very soon.

I've ordered a kit from John Hall at Blues Creek; It's an HD-28 with a D-42 neck. I wanted a bound neck with the D-42 style fret markers and it'll save me a tough introduction to inlay work cause the fingerboard comes with the markers already set.

My experience up to this point is the Stew-Mac ukulele kit, Nearly complete. It came out pretty well except for a slight neck centering issue. Since the neck just glues on, there's not much help getting it at just the right angle. Anyway, the chief reason for doing the uke was to experiment with finishing. I just did the first "coat" of pore fill with Z-Poxy. It actually looks pretty nice just with the unsanded epoxy.

I'm glad to have found this forum, though after seeing and hearing the beauty of the guitars you've all made, I'm a little intimidated. (by your building *and* playing skills). Compared to most here, I'm strictly a hack, but the important thing is that I love playing and I'm looking forward to playing an instrument that I took a part in creating.

I'm about a two hour drive from John's shop, so he's kindly suggested that I do the body binding and neck setting under his supervision. Kinda takes the pressure off.

The key thing for me is to not be in a hurry.

Alright, enough babbling. I look forward to becoming part of your community.

-- Channing

Jun 09, 07 | 6:06 am

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Welcome aboard! I too feel slightly intimidated by all the ski.l that lingers on this board. The good news is that I've yet to see any flaming, dissing or even a cross word on this site in teh time I've visited here. Truly a great bunch of Ladiess and Gentlemen who seem to have one love that binds them together, well maybe TWO? Building AND playing guitars!

What a blessing to have all these fine folks looking out for you! Looking forward to reading about your progress!

Jun 09, 07 | 7:01 am

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I'm going back to the typing and spelling site I should spend more time at! Or perhaps I should go visit the Proofreading site?

Jun 09, 07 | 7:03 am

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Welcome Channing,
don't be intimidated, we've all been there. Starting the building of a first guitar is departing a very uncertain journey. But I can tell you after 5 it still is. You will meet ups and downs, but it bring lots of joy and expirience. When in doubt or just for a chat about kits, come here and meet a bunch of great guys.

Have fun.

Jun 09, 07 | 9:17 am

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Welcome! John is a great guy, I just spoke with him this morning to get some tracings. Don't feel intimidated at all. All you need to do is check a few of our blogs to see that none of us (well almost none of us) are pro's and we all make mistakes. The best part about this forum is that all of the people are great and they never make you feel 'dumb' when you ask a question. Please don't hesitate to ask questions and update us on your progress.

Keep in touch and make sure to post pictures along the way. We like pictures......

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Jun 09, 07 | 9:45 am

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G'day Channing and welcome to our world. I just want to reiterate the above comments. In the two builds I haver to date, I've made at least 5 decent mistakes where I thought it was all heading to the scrap heap. Fear not, the guys and gals here have bailed me out everytime so now I appear like an experienced luthier (cough cough) - only 'cause I've made the mistakes you're yet to avoid.

Jun 09, 07 | 7:47 pm
Ken Hundley

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Welcome Channing from a fellow hack at everything guitar related. Don't be intimidated, you'll probably show half of us up. If not, what the can say you built a guitar. How many others could say that?

Jun 09, 07 | 11:17 pm

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Hey again all,

Well my kit from Blues Creek came this week. So far I've just looked admiringly at the pieces and done a lot of thinking and planning. Today I'm headed to Sears to buy a dehumidifier for my subterranenan workspace as well as a few choice tools.

I figure I'll start with something simple like sanding the excess glue from the fret markers off of the fingerboard. :-)

I'm going to post a couple questions about joining the back in the "Building Procedures" section.

Thanks to all,

-- Chan

Jun 23, 07 | 6:32 am

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