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Finally Finished #1

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I had planned on being finished around X-Mas, and once I missed that target, I got swamped with outside things. So it took me a LONG time to finish this one. She sounds really bright right now, and I have a bit more fret buzz than I can handle when I really start strumming so I still have some set up work to do, but here's some snapshots.

May 22, 07 | 3:45 am
Bill Cory

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Brandon --GREAT job! Another new guitar has been born into the world, and from the pictures, it should have an APKAR of about 9.9! Way to go.

(Now, buy another bunch of wood and start the next one! You can still be done by NEXT Christmas!)

Thanks for sharing the pics.


May 22, 07 | 4:55 am

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That looks wonderful. Well done my friend. I love that binding. Inspired me to crack the whip on mine, it's been a while since we've had some oooo's and arrrrr's on the board

May 22, 07 | 6:23 am
Ken Hundley

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Very handsome guitar, the spruce top has a beautiful golden tone to it, well done.

May 22, 07 | 2:10 pm

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That is a beautiful guitar! You should be proud. I really like your bindings, what kind of wood is it? It matches the side wood nicely and the white line frames it well.

Job well done!

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May 22, 07 | 3:54 pm

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The binding is some rosewood with w/b/w. That particular pic doesn't do it just. I got it from stewmac. I got the herringbone from one of our own on the board here (he didn't use it on his). I also have a black purfling on the back. Happened accidentally because I got ahead of myself routing. After cursing for a few days, I ripped down some black binding and made a pretty cool lil' purfling.

Here is a pic of the binding while i was working on it. It was taken several months ago.

That logo inlay was helpfully designed by Andy DePaule. GREAT guy if you should choose to get some custom stuff.

May 23, 07 | 3:12 am

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