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Big setback - time to re-bind
Dennis Weatherly

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Today has been one of those "learning experiences" that seem to come along as I get further into guitar building. Some folks may remember the problem I had with a gap along some places on my top purfling. Well, I think I found the source of that issue.

I've been sanding the sides and working hard to get them really flat, so the finish will look good. In scraping and sanding I have found some places where I needed to take off more wood than others - typically the edges are "high". This has resulted in the binding getting a little thin in places. I was a bit frustrated by this, but figured there isn't much I can do about it now. I've also noticed that the places where the sides were very non-flat are the same places where I had purfling gap problems.

Today I was sanding the final part of the sides. As I neared the stopping point I happened to glance at the binding - and it was gone! This was a place where the binding was already thin, but now I had sanded all the way through it.

So it looks like I'll be cutting new binding channels and purfling channels and re-doing my binding job. At least this time the sides are VERY flat, so hopefully the binding routing will go better.

And on a side note, I am pretty dissapointed with the LMI FGW binding glue that I used. I noticed that the binding had pulled loose in one of the waist areas. I gave it a light tug and the entire strip of binding came off, from neck block to tail block. I'll be using a different cement next time as well. What's interesting is the LMI glue is a Weld-On product, but not the same one that Stew-Mac sells.

May 05, 07 | 2:18 pm
Bill Cory

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Ouch. that's a bummer Dennis -- sorry it happened. Reminds me of when I sanded through the sides of my Martin Jumbo kit -- twice. But the guitar sounds fantastic ... so, don't worry -- the reward will still come in the end.

May 05, 07 | 2:29 pm
Dennis Weatherly

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I figure that in the long run, it's the best way to correct my purfling gap problem anyway :-) The second time around I should be able to do a nicer job of it!

May 05, 07 | 2:31 pm

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Dennis thanks for the heads up. I will be sure to true up the sides real good before i do the binding.

May 06, 07 | 3:54 am

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