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bridge placement dumb, dumb...

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Measured nut to middle of twelfth fret x 2 + 7/64...tweaked the bridge left/right, sides up/down and happily landed bridge placement for the proper scale length. While holding the bridge in place and using a blade to gently score around the bridge, I dumb dumb realize I had the bridge upside down(kids running around the house helps one to focus). Luckily for me I hadn’t at this point glued the bridge down, but because of my intelligent process, I have a really nice blade tracing of the bridge on my already cosmetically train wrecked guitar…any thoughts, remedies…

Apr 01, 07 | 6:27 pm

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dont know but, place the bridge correctly right side up and glue in place ,
you may be able to put a skirt around the bridge to hide the goof.
you need a quiet place to work.
best I can do.

Apr 02, 07 | 1:59 pm

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Fixing the finish is going to depend a bit on what the finish is. If it is a sprayed laquer, you may want to do the repair before going ahead and gluing the bridge. Don't be too tough on yourself. We've all done stuff like this and worse :) !

Mask off the neck and around the binding and sand and refinish the top. Its great practice!

Apr 02, 07 | 2:51 pm
Bill Cory

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I put a deep scored line with a needle point in my first guitar's top, an inch away from where the line should have been. It was an error in Stewmac's instructions, whcih they finally fixed after about eight months.

It finally went away after I finished and refinished the guitar top four times, finally settling for the fourth go round -- but it didn't disappear until I had sanded two complete finishes off. the guitar has a nice light top after all that.

This is a real shame ... sorry that happened ... I don't have any suggestions for fixing it that someone short of dan Erlewine or Frank Ford could do (or maybe John Hall has a suggestion??) John?

Apr 02, 07 | 3:45 pm

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Maybe masking around the bridge area with a little stripper and some sanding with 100 to remove marks...take tape off, do a little more long stroked sanding with 220/320 to even off bare wood to finish transition, and shoot some lacquer... This is my third guitar experiencing the finish process and I'm still loving/hating every error possible!!!

Thank you jhowell for your pat on the back; Thank you Bill for your honesty with hell’s tricks on keeping you awake at night with those few finish top re-do‘s…

Apr 02, 07 | 7:29 pm

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