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Straightening Brazilian Rosewood

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Has anyone bought B. Rosewood recently on Ebay that has warped before you could use it? If so, how did you straighten the sides and back pieces? Thanks in advance for any help.

Feb 05, 07 | 1:22 pm
Ken Cierp

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First -- if it was sold as a guitar set it should have been dried to about 8%. Unless you paid $$$$$$$ the material is slab cut. So to be of any use for guitar sets it must be cut thick enough so that the warps can be sanded out. With slabs it is difficult to determine how the twists will occur before they are really dry. Sounds to me like this stuff is meant to be used as veneer and glued to a substrate. I’d question the seller. The problem really is that even if you are able to bend it into a guitar shape – the more it dries the more it is going to twist. That force is amazingly strong so even if you use a lots of cross reinforcements the material is still likely to warp. I know you are not going to like hearing this --- but if the material is as distorted as it sounds I would be very hesitant about spending the time to build a guitar with it. At the very least I would store the material under something flat and heavy some place where the humidity is no higher than 45% for several weeks. Perhaps it will stabilize and remain flat after the weights were removed. Two cents.


Feb 05, 07 | 2:08 pm
Bill Cory

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Hello Ron -- Welcome to the forum! I have to ask you to do something for me. As administrator, I get a notice of every posting -- and I'm going to be getting a notice of every response to your posts. I don't think it's a big deal, but if wouldn't mind, could you turn off your Earthlink spam catcher for this address?

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Feb 05, 07 | 2:29 pm

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Thanks Ken. Appreciate the quick response.

Feb 06, 07 | 12:20 pm

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Thanks for the welcome. Sorry for the Spam blocker responses. Blocker is turned off for both addresses.

Feb 06, 07 | 12:23 pm

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