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Question on inlaying pearl rosette
Michael Segui

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I got some abalam to inlay in the rosette of the OM I am building. The abalam is 0.063" wide and 0.060" tall I believe.

The rosette and the teflon strip was inlayed at Martin (it is a Martin Paul Simon Signature top). When I lay the pearl on top of the rosette it looks to be the exact width of the teflon.

However when I pull out the teflon strip the pearl is too wide to go into the channel. If I flip the pearl sideways it fits in. So it looks like the teflon strip may be compressed by about 0.003" preventing the pearl to fit in the routed out channel.

Any suggestions? If I let the top dry out a bit (it is at 55% right now) do you think the wood would shrink enough so that the channel would be 0.063" again?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


Jan 18, 07 | 4:21 pm

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Fwiw - the teflon strip fit mine perfectly on both the rosette (also Martin) and the binding that I did myself. Don't know what to tell you

Jan 19, 07 | 2:27 pm

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I had a similar problem, and used very fine sandpaper to take the width of the pearl down slightly. Probably a ladies fingernail file would also work. Once glued in, the glue will fill any slight gaps due to unevenness.


Jan 26, 07 | 4:56 pm

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Michael and ejko- I had the same problem. Like ejko I fine-sanded and hand-fit the ablam. A real pain in the fingers but the results were great.

Jan 28, 07 | 4:01 pm

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